Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is spring on it's way?

Hello beautiful people. Today the sun is shining in little Denmark, and it feels as if Spring is right around the corner. Although I bet it isn't even close! I just got back from a week of skiing in France, I guess I'll upload some photos later on when I get them on my computer. I had an amazing week with a bunch of friends and of course my mom and dad and some of their friends.

Here's a little outfit from today. In a bit I'll go for a walk with my family and eat some lunch in town. Hope you all are enjoying today, cause we might as well! :)

Checkered brown button up from H&M + Dad's wollen sweater from Citta Di Milano

Silver ring with a grean and blue stone + Viking jewelery earrings

Silver ring with green and blue stone + 2 heirloom rings from my grandma
and a lil' bit of chapped nail polish !


The outfit.
Nylon stockings, short tight skirt, button up shirt and oversize sweater. 
// Caroline

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