Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don Trip - Letter To My Son ft. Cee-Lo

I swear this shit aint even right bruh
I aint even got the chance to change a f-ckin diaper
This is what I get for going raw when I piped her
Thinkin that I loved her when I shouldn’t of even liked her
But I do not regret ma child
Stupid bitch I just wanna see ma child
Do watch you make but you will never make me bow
F-ck child support bitch take me to trial
Why you with this sh-t cause I aint read you no vowels?
Bitch move on, me and you aint working out
So what it matter if I moved to work out
Long as I provide and put food in his mouth
Matter of fact I’m in school right now in case the music dont work
And I can put the work down
My momma say this sh-t sure to work out
All the bullsh-t I’m going through to see my first child
See his first steps, see his first smile
Hear his first words, teach him how to count

This is a short paragraph from this amazing song. The beat is sweet, the lyrics are honest and have this depth in it that people can relate to. Listen to the track, listen to the lyrics, and enjoy..

// Caroline

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