Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm coming home baby!

I totally forgot to tell you something that I am very excited about! I am going home! By that I mean that I am going back to San Diego on vacation! I reckon that we are going to be away from this cold country (Denmark) for about 11 days. We are leaving the 12th of November! Jubikayyay!!! This trip hasn't really been planned for so long, but since I found out we were going I have tried my hardest to not spend all of my money on clothes!! Clothes, accescorries etc, is much cheaper in the states, so I might as well wait. But then the shittiest thing happened to me. I lost my lovely wallet from Italy, with cash, my card, trainpass, wildcard, health insurrance card and my keys!! So now it is actually impossible for me to spend all of my money! But whatever, it is not the end of the world although it sucks! 

My weekend hasn't been too exciting, today I haven't done anything else but looking at vlogs on youtube and hair tutorials. So this is what I got out if the videos: A NEW HAIRDO! It is very simple, it is basically just a bun that is very low.

Gotta love photoboth! 
// Caroline

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My wall

So this is just a small post. But for a long time now I have had my room filled up with photos of my friends, family, the nature etc. But recently I made a small change, so now I ahve managed to have even more photos on my walls. This time it is inspiring photos or photos of stuff that makes me laugh. 
Old vogue covers - amazing

Can't help it. Reality is amazing! 

Random funny stuff

Marilyn Monroe - A photo icon

Dude, I'm almost from California

Nail polsih, yay

Pure awesomeness - Love tattoos


All these photos are found on I could definitly recommend tons of photos on the walls you are surrounded by! The photos reflect on you, and it makes you feel "home". 

// Caroline

Sunday, October 2, 2011

You reach the point

A few changes to this blog. First of all the clever of you have probably noticed that this blog is now in english! This is mainly since it is a lot easier for me, but also so the accamodation for other readers than danish is a bit broader. So this was the first change. The second change is, I am actually making a new blog post!!

After having a long break from my blog I have gotten the passion back and I am ready to start again. I was thinking of deleting the old one and then making a new, but there is no use of it. I am very sorry if most of the Danish readers will unfollow me after this change, but I hope you understand most of it. A blog is not always filled with difficult phrases.