Sunday, October 2, 2011

You reach the point

A few changes to this blog. First of all the clever of you have probably noticed that this blog is now in english! This is mainly since it is a lot easier for me, but also so the accamodation for other readers than danish is a bit broader. So this was the first change. The second change is, I am actually making a new blog post!!

After having a long break from my blog I have gotten the passion back and I am ready to start again. I was thinking of deleting the old one and then making a new, but there is no use of it. I am very sorry if most of the Danish readers will unfollow me after this change, but I hope you understand most of it. A blog is not always filled with difficult phrases.



  1. - Jeg har været så heldig at modtage en blog award og vil derfor gerne videregive en til dig (:
    Tjek min blog og find ud af hvad det går ud på.
    Kys Amanda :*